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In the Manger

December 25, 2011

I truly love the traditional Christmas story – that this very morning Mary and Joseph were sitting in stunned and happy quiet after the successful birth of their baby boy, tucked into a ┬ámanger cave behind the inn, having swaddled their son and placed him in the warm straw. The animals who lived in that manger kept them warm and adored with them this newcomer. Then shepherds arrived who had heard angels singing, telling of the birth. Then Wise Men of the East had known of the prophecy and found the baby through their astrological wisdom; they followed a star shining in the East. And, the New Testament says, Mary saw all of these things and held them in her heart. I always loved that line.

I just know it can be so that this very morning some new impulse of innocence, power, beauty, divinity and love can be successfully born in each of our hearts too. A new possibility. Let’s each behold what is born, swaddle it, be quiet with it today, at least in that interior place where silence can be held even as life swirls about. In that manger the animal spirits will watch over, the protectors will come to see and honor, the new gestation will have a silent and tender beginning. I hold all of these things in my heart with you.

Whatever name or story for the mystery you love and celebrate, I pray you will be infused with the love and magic in it as our earth turns toward the new season and new year. It does seem a good time to begin again and believe freshly. May love be yours.

The Devil

November 30, 2010

I don’t often speak of my relationship with the system of tarot, which is a method of inviting and allowing for the voice of spirit to speak to us that was developed centuries ago. Such systems of consulting with the helping spirits have been around since the beginning of human record in some form or another. The Irish use tea leaves, indigenous people throw sticks and stones, the Chinese use coins, the Celts have runes – these methods are time tested and as common as fire. Instinctually humans always find the way to connect with greater intelligences Personally I would never have thought of initiating a study of tarot had a dream not led me directly to it. Having trusted dreams implicitly for decades before that, I began. The dream came before my life fell apart, the contact with spirit that was created through this method was salvational in the next years.

After about 10 years of using the system in my personal prayer and meditation times, I began using it to help assist others, adding to what I had long done with people through ministerial and psychological training. The added insight to what we work with and talk about has been undeniably on point, powerful and useful.

Recently I have been struck as The Devil card came up over and over again in readings, after hiding away from my readings mostly for years. I have come to realize that this is an often misunderstood card. The mention of the devil often throws a person into fear and the idea of victimization to powers beyond one’s own control. However in the context of each of these recent readings I have seen more clearly than ever that the devil card represents the temptation to give in to one’s own most negative thoughts, fears and attitudes that zap the person of strength, perspective and power. The devil is not an outside force, it is an internal force. It is not outside of one’s own ability to manage, it is within it, and is our challenge and obligation to manage it.

We are creators, not victims. The world is as we see it. As Thoreau says, we see the world not as it is but as we are. If we decide to trust, love, have compassion and mutual respect, then we create that world. It is not easy to do this, it is hard and a challenge. But it is possible. All you need is love.

Paying it Forward

August 21, 2010

I have so many heartbreakingly sweet kindnesses paid to me in the last three days – from strangers who happened to read my blog and send heartfelt compassion and empathy, to dear friends from every time in my life telling me of their loving concern, to family members who offered to pay for my carpets to be cleaned as a memorial gift for Coco’s, whose last weeks included incontinence, and a neighbor who dug Coco’s grave in the appointed spot while we were gone and had it ready when we got home to complete the ritual. And there has been a friend who spent three full days with me. The day I realized Coco must be put down she came and spent the day with me and with him; she came the next day and drove me to the place, stayed with me and rubbed my back while I sobbed, came home with me to sit on the porch and mourn in the good old Irish funeral kind of way, drinking, stories and eating food, which she had lovingly prepared; and then today she came to help clean the house, which included a lot of packing up and clearing out Coco’s effects. He had been my only roommate for all of these years, so there were plenty of them.

How do you re-pay such kindnesses, even though I know no one but me has such a thought in their minds? A note to tell them how much it means is good. But the best hope, I believe, is to call in the opportunities to pay it forward – to pray to be able to be there, be aware, be available to other friends when they need me. This is what it is all about. No one I know in a scenario like this wants a pay back, they would only want a pay forward. These kindnesses have all been so life affirming and saving, I pray to the gods and goddesses to be able to do the same going forward.

P.S. I watched the movie Remember Me tonight. It was very poignant about love and loss, and deeply affecting. I recommend it, and was grateful to see it in this timing.