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In the Manger

December 25, 2011

I truly love the traditional Christmas story – that this very morning Mary and Joseph were sitting in stunned and happy quiet after the successful birth of their baby boy, tucked into a ┬ámanger cave behind the inn, having swaddled their son and placed him in the warm straw. The animals who lived in that manger kept them warm and adored with them this newcomer. Then shepherds arrived who had heard angels singing, telling of the birth. Then Wise Men of the East had known of the prophecy and found the baby through their astrological wisdom; they followed a star shining in the East. And, the New Testament says, Mary saw all of these things and held them in her heart. I always loved that line.

I just know it can be so that this very morning some new impulse of innocence, power, beauty, divinity and love can be successfully born in each of our hearts too. A new possibility. Let’s each behold what is born, swaddle it, be quiet with it today, at least in that interior place where silence can be held even as life swirls about. In that manger the animal spirits will watch over, the protectors will come to see and honor, the new gestation will have a silent and tender beginning. I hold all of these things in my heart with you.

Whatever name or story for the mystery you love and celebrate, I pray you will be infused with the love and magic in it as our earth turns toward the new season and new year. It does seem a good time to begin again and believe freshly. May love be yours.