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Your Twin Self

February 25, 2015

20150225_172638I was taught much by an African teacher who helped me undergo ritual initiation over a lengthy period, a time when I was working hard to reconstruct myself after shattering events in my life. One concept that has been with me strongly is the notion that each of us have a Twin Self. He explained that his people in Nigeria say that our Twin Self is an aspect of us that exists outside of the constraints and limitations that we experience in our incarnated life. He told me, “You should build an altar to your Twin Self.” I have always remembered this teaching but never actually built that altar until today.

The image I have in my head is of something like an umbilical cord – suggesting that my Twin Self is mother to the self I experience from day to day in time on Earth, and energy and consciousness flow to me through that cord to support growth and development during my stay here. The purpose for building an altar to that Self would be to strengthen the connection, open the flow, nourish the “blood” with conscious intention, enhance the capabilities of that Self’s entry into my worldly life by increasing awareness of what it does and can do if I align and cooperate with it.

Two dreams that I have had speak to me of this Twin Self. One took place during the time of my breakdown, and the other occurred just two nights ago. The first dream from the late 90’s I only remember dimly now but will investigate my dream journals from that period soon. In it, many of us were standing on the side of a very deep lake. In the dream I had a twin who had drowned in that lake. Big equipment was being used to excavate her. Finally she was located — and when she was lifted up it felt like an aspect of myself being resurrected. There was work to be done to revive her and repair the connection, but now that we had found her we could begin. At the time I felt the dream to be offering to me a sense of meaning and purpose in the painful difficulties of my life at the time. Shamans might call this a soul retrieval.

In the dream of two nights ago I saw two fields of vivid energy – a variety of golden colors made each of them up. On the left field there was a dense mass of that energy in the center of it, very dense. On the right was a similar constellation of energy, but without the density, made of lightness. They were connected to each other, reflections of each other maybe, and each of them were me. After I awakened thoughts about what my Nigerian teacher told me regarding the Twin Self began burning in my psyche. I sensed the dream was telling me to think more actively on this.

And so I built an altar. I found a picture (which I posted above) taken of me at age 20 in Kyoto, Japan, in front of the great Buddha statue there. It suggests the smaller me and the larger me. I put a little bouquet of recently found feathers, a flower, sacred objects, stones and crystals around it. And now I will pray. I hope to find my voice more solidly, connect with my writing muse, feel a sense of clear direction in my personal and professional life, help people and the planet regarding issues that I feel passionate about and trained in. Like strengthening the signal that brings in more information on our computers or cell phones, I feel guided now to empower the connection with this aspect of my Spirit that sees and knows.

A recent dream experience showed me great energies and powers that we swim in and can utilize as I was “out” of my body, moving around in what might be called the dreamtime. But as I was awakening from the dream I felt myself condensing and condensing into the density of matter in the waking life that we are living in this particular time/space continuum here on Earth. It felt hard to come back, like I might not even make it, and also sad, like so much of who we are is “forgotten” here.

I offer this to you in case it inspires you to reflect and maybe connect more solidly with your own Twin Self. I think this concept is similar to what is spoken of in religions as “soul”, or the Higher Self, or in Jungian psychology as the Self. We know of it. But somehow those terms have seemed a little more vague to me than this idea of the Twin Self that is me and who lives as me in other realms, even as I am finding my way through this realm.

Our human life needs helpful perspective for the dilemmas we find ourselves in – with the complexities of modern life, the largest human population ever to live together on our little Spaceship Earth, issues of global warming – and so much more. Maybe this concept can help enlarge our view.

Hawk and Moon

October 4, 2013

A line from one of my favorite movies ever, Thunderheart, has stayed with me in the two decades since I first saw it. The film tells the story of an FBI agent played by Val Kilmer called to a Native American reservation to investigate a murder. Since this agent is partly Sioux in his bloodline, the government sends him hoping to soften the residents of the reservation toward him so they will cooperate with the investigation. He is, however, a hot shot with no interest in being identified as Sioux; to him they are primitive, foolish and out of touch with modernity. When he finds himself in the company of their most respected elder, a translator delivers the words of a vision the elder is having – the agent has great standing in this community as a warrior (and the movie goes on to describe why this is so) but, in his present awareness the elder says to him “You are as far from yourself as a hawk is from the moon.”

The story is epic to me. It describes perfectly, in my mind, our modern dilemma as humans. We simply have forgotten who we are. We are as far from ourselves as a hawk is from the moon.

How modernity has led us into this distant wilderness is a topic discussed thoughtfully by eco-theologians, eco-psycholgists, depth psychologists, and many social, anthropological and spiritual analysts. The simple fact remains that each of us, as individuals, have work to do to remember who we are. We have been forgotten. We are forgotten. We forgot. But we can, and must remember.

Who am I? Who am I? Who am I? This may be the most profound meditation a human can consider. The layers of this question will quickly take one past narcissistic and individualistic ideations into a deeper story of identity.

I write about this now because for some reason I keep witnessing the question surfacing in my mind and in the minds of friends, clients and colleagues. I wonder if this might be a result of the shift suggested in the calendar that moved us through 2012 and into a next phase of earth’s evolution. Old answers and old assumptions about who we are – individually, collectively and planetarily – don’t seem to hold power in the same way. People are casting about, bravely, with this question.

To me, in my way of seeing and describing, I would say we have lost the dreaming. Our forebears dreamed, remembered their dreams, discussed, revered and were guided by their dreams. Dreaming is, and was, a dimension of consciousness, a locus of operation in both day and night. To forget this is to lose ourselves and the terrain of the imaginal, a real realm in which our subtle bodies work out situations in the worlds we inhabit.

We are now, collectively, as far from ourselves as a hawk is from the moon. But remembrance is possible and seems to be beckoning. An open doorway stands straight ahead. Crossing its threshold requires willingness, imagination, humility and sense of adventure. But I see it, we’ve got it, we can do this. We can shorten the gap between hawk and moon. I know it. I’m looking forward to it.

Dreamtime’s Deep Messaging System

May 21, 2012

Sitting in the quiet of my mountain home this morning with birds, sky, forest and power of mountain keeping me company, I am readying myself for a full-time move into town. Even for the most basic decisions that have to be made, like how to consolidate the supplies accumulated in two bathrooms with big medicine cabinets and banks of drawers to hold things into one tiny bathroom with an itty-bitty medicine cabinet and nothing else to put a thing on or in, I keep having to stop and go deep into myself to understand what this requires of me, how to imagine and think about it. It feels like I am walking a tight rope and that even one not-coming-from-the-right-place decision could throw off my balance and send me plunging. I know how to climb back up from plunges, but I’d rather not have to spend energy that way, not now.

A mantra that is sounding within me over and over again, maybe several times an hour without my conscious thought having to pull it in, is “Take no thought for the morrow…  (for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself.)”  Those first six words are the ones that keep repeating, the meaning of the rest comes with them. These are words attributed to Jesus from the Sermon on the Mount. I heard them in a dream some weeks ago, like an angel speaking to me. I believe I wrote a blog about it at the time.

When wisdom is spoken in a dream like this, it comes from a very different level of integration than words we hear with our cognitive apparatus, what we gather with ego’s thoughtfulness. The conscious mind can barely conceive of the depths of the wisdom referenced. It is not advice delivered from outside but knowing revealed from inside, from vast interior spaces of universe and Self. The meaning unfolds. At first I thought the saying was referring to money worries. Whew, I thought. Then I began to see that it was comforting me about the many unknowns of my move, helping me to take things one day at a time. Then it seemed to be talking about energy, will I have energy for all of this?

A dream thought like this answers a million questions at once, every second of every day. When something comes in a dream, cherish it and rely on it.

More recently I awakened hearing myself say, “I refuse to be afraid.” One can say that to one’s self with daytime consciousness and it will have power and effectiveness. But when you find yourself saying it in a dream, you know it is coming from another level of self-awareness and commitment. Since the dream, I hear myself meaning and intending that message when all of the temptations to fear arise, from mental and physical disturbances to the uncountable and unnameable questions of life and career that are with me now. The waking mind is only a shadow of the power of what comes in dreams. Again, cherish and trust that power.

Dreams speak in images and symbols that will not be locked down or confined in meaning, that reinterpret and reapply themselves endlessly. Conscious, waking life seems to thrive on certainties, the Dreamtime on endless possibility. I am trying to recover from the need for certainty, as life keeps taking that away. The dreaming is hugely potent medicine for the journey. I offer my sincerest respect and gratitude.

Living by the Dream

March 10, 2012

My favorite time of any day is the hour or so after waking when I stumble, with coffee in hand, to my spot on the couch, often lighting candles and burning a little sage or Paulo Santo, and sit down to write out my dreams and morning thoughts. This is the in-between hour, the place where dreamtime and waking time are woven together. The rest of the day moves from there. That is the source water, the rest of my energy flows in tributaries that go in a thousand directions from that place.

Morning thoughts are as important as the dream in their own way. Even though very often they do not resemble the dream overtly – the dream is talking about one thing, the morning thoughts often seem to be other issues or plans illuminating – yet I know that these impressions flow from the dreaming. The dream lines things up so that the thought energy can move through.

My life is an experiment, an experiment with the dreaming. I have lived like this since the age of 24 when my spiritual teacher taught me about the importance of dreams. I have given immense focus, love, trust and commitment to this life project, through every twist and wild ride of the last decades. Sometimes I wonder if I should leave this emphasis, if I’m not being practical, if this method for living is leading to nowhere and nothing in particular, if other more stabilizing options in life are passing me by as I do this. But, this is what I do. This is who I am. That is all I know for now.

On another note, part of my waking thought this morning is to make more conscious a visual piece of my environment that has been affecting and guiding me more than I have realized until today. My oldest daughter, Josi, captured my heart the second I laid eyes on her; until then I hadn’t known there could be such a love as that in this world. She has been a guiding angel ever since. She is my confidante and foremost adviser in every important matter of life. A sidewalk artist in Paris rendered a sweet portrait of her on the occasion of her 16th birthday. It hangs in one of the bedrooms in my house and just happens to peak out on the rest of the house, especially visible from the very spot on my couch where I sit to do my dream recording, telephone sessions, news and tv watching, eating of many meals. The power and guiding force of that visage to impact my thoughts, heart, intentions and impressions never really struck me until today. Now I see it as clearly as if a mountain appeared out of the mist – now I know the mountain is there and has been all along. The spirit of a thing guides through images of it, we know that from the many iconic images humans place in their environments to help direct their focus. This daughter is an angel. She mentioned to me recently, “You’re the only person in my life who calls me angel.” I didn’t hardly realize I call her that until she said it. It is just so. Here’s the picture I am speaking of. May your angels become more evident to you as well.

Buried Treasure

February 9, 2011

A sweet client who does regular dream work with me gave me permission yesterday to share a line from her dream. In it someone she respects directly advised her “Search your dreams for buried wisdom.” The dreams that came in a stream right after that were like an archaeological dig, lots of clues to buried treasure for her to unearth. I love that before the dreams presented, the line was given to her. I love that line! I love that dreams are nightly treasure troves of wisdom. I love what I do as a dream worker. I love dreams and the dreamtime.

The Dreaming

September 23, 2010

I just started the book Dreamways of the Iroquois by Robert Moss. I want to quote some of his words because he says very well and succinctly what I feel, think and have committed my life to. It is always gratifying to find someone who is saying what is essential to us so eloquently.

“The Iroquois understand that dreams may be both experiences of the soul, and revelations of the soul’s wishes and of our life’s sacred purpose. … Our dreams reveal… the secret wish of the soul. It is important to recognize what the soul wants, what the heart yearns for, as opposed to the petty agendas of our daily trivial mind, or the expectations we internalize from other people who constantly tell us who we are and what we can and cannot do. The Iroquois teach that it is the responsibility of caring people in a caring society to gather around dreamers and help them unfold their dreams and search them to identify the wishes of the soul and the soul’s purpose — and then to take action to honor the soul’s intent. This goes to the heart of healing, because if we are not living from our souls, our lives lose magic and vitality. Part of our soul may even go away, leaving a hole in our being.

“The Iroquois believe that dreaming is one of the most important ways to acquire and accumulate authentic power… [and that] beings from the spirit world are constantly seeking to communicate with us in the dreamspace which offers an open frontier for contact between humans and the more than human. …

“In our dreaming culture, dream groups will be a vital part of every clinic, hospital and treatment center, and doctors will begin their patient interviews by asking about dreams as well as physical symptoms.” (pp.8-11)

AH, YES!!!  YES!!!  Thank you, Robert, for saying it.