Dreamtime’s Deep Messaging System

Sitting in the quiet of my mountain home this morning with birds, sky, forest and power of mountain keeping me company, I am readying myself for a full-time move into town. Even for the most basic decisions that have to be made, like how to consolidate the supplies accumulated in two bathrooms with big medicine cabinets and banks of drawers to hold things into one tiny bathroom with an itty-bitty medicine cabinet and nothing else to put a thing on or in, I keep having to stop and go deep into myself to understand what this requires of me, how to imagine and think about it. It feels like I am walking a tight rope and that even one not-coming-from-the-right-place decision could throw off my balance and send me plunging. I know how to climb back up from plunges, but I’d rather not have to spend energy that way, not now.

A mantra that is sounding within me over and over again, maybe several times an hour without my conscious thought having to pull it in, is “Take no thought for the morrow…  (for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself.)”  Those first six words are the ones that keep repeating, the meaning of the rest comes with them. These are words attributed to Jesus from the Sermon on the Mount. I heard them in a dream some weeks ago, like an angel speaking to me. I believe I wrote a blog about it at the time.

When wisdom is spoken in a dream like this, it comes from a very different level of integration than words we hear with our cognitive apparatus, what we gather with ego’s thoughtfulness. The conscious mind can barely conceive of the depths of the wisdom referenced. It is not advice delivered from outside but knowing revealed from inside, from vast interior spaces of universe and Self. The meaning unfolds. At first I thought the saying was referring to money worries. Whew, I thought. Then I began to see that it was comforting me about the many unknowns of my move, helping me to take things one day at a time. Then it seemed to be talking about energy, will I have energy for all of this?

A dream thought like this answers a million questions at once, every second of every day. When something comes in a dream, cherish it and rely on it.

More recently I awakened hearing myself say, “I refuse to be afraid.” One can say that to one’s self with daytime consciousness and it will have power and effectiveness. But when you find yourself saying it in a dream, you know it is coming from another level of self-awareness and commitment. Since the dream, I hear myself meaning and intending that message when all of the temptations to fear arise, from mental and physical disturbances to the uncountable and unnameable questions of life and career that are with me now. The waking mind is only a shadow of the power of what comes in dreams. Again, cherish and trust that power.

Dreams speak in images and symbols that will not be locked down or confined in meaning, that reinterpret and reapply themselves endlessly. Conscious, waking life seems to thrive on certainties, the Dreamtime on endless possibility. I am trying to recover from the need for certainty, as life keeps taking that away. The dreaming is hugely potent medicine for the journey. I offer my sincerest respect and gratitude.

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One Response to “Dreamtime’s Deep Messaging System”

  1. daritarose Says:

    I really, really, really like this. It resonates deep. It reminds me of a visual symbol that my wise friend William gave me. It is a circle with Spirit at the top, and to the left and right money and relationships. These two seem to be where a lot of anxiety tends to lodge. But if we just keep going to the top–or the center works, too–there is that peace that Jesus sought to give us in the words in your dream. I can easily project anxieties onto people in my life, but at Christmas I was given a gift. I was with one of the people I project onto, and saw how very anxious this person is. With a great deal of compassion. At the same time, there was this inner knowing that this person was not my Source, Spirit is my Source, and of course that peace that passes understanding came with this truth. This was given on the new Moon on Christmas eve. A gift from the Goddess, and the Jesus who honored Her so much.

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