The Dreaming

I just started the book Dreamways of the Iroquois by Robert Moss. I want to quote some of his words because he says very well and succinctly what I feel, think and have committed my life to. It is always gratifying to find someone who is saying what is essential to us so eloquently.

“The Iroquois understand that dreams may be both experiences of the soul, and revelations of the soul’s wishes and of our life’s sacred purpose. … Our dreams reveal… the secret wish of the soul. It is important to recognize what the soul wants, what the heart yearns for, as opposed to the petty agendas of our daily trivial mind, or the expectations we internalize from other people who constantly tell us who we are and what we can and cannot do. The Iroquois teach that it is the responsibility of caring people in a caring society to gather around dreamers and help them unfold their dreams and search them to identify the wishes of the soul and the soul’s purpose — and then to take action to honor the soul’s intent. This goes to the heart of healing, because if we are not living from our souls, our lives lose magic and vitality. Part of our soul may even go away, leaving a hole in our being.

“The Iroquois believe that dreaming is one of the most important ways to acquire and accumulate authentic power… [and that] beings from the spirit world are constantly seeking to communicate with us in the dreamspace which offers an open frontier for contact between humans and the more than human. …

“In our dreaming culture, dream groups will be a vital part of every clinic, hospital and treatment center, and doctors will begin their patient interviews by asking about dreams as well as physical symptoms.” (pp.8-11)

AH, YES!!!  YES!!!  Thank you, Robert, for saying it.

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