One of my biggest teacher’s is my 3-year-old neighbor Hannah. She is wildly excited about life every single day. I don’t think she is ever anything less than thrilled with whatever she is doing. In her favor is the fact that she is genuinely loved by her mother and grandparents with whom she lives, nor is she ever hungry. But she lives a simple country life. It’s things like baths and frogs and tea parties and changing clothes every hour and her imagination that make every minute something to grin, shriek, dance, laugh and talk endlessly about. As I came home from my walk today and was diverted into playing with her, which often happens, it hit me that I believe there is an inner Hannah in each human — an innocent being utterly captivated by the multitudes of fascinations life has to offer. That living piece gets covered over with the difficulties of living life, but I think she/he is always there waiting to breathe again. I want to turn my life over in more ways to my inner Hannah, give her more say in how I decide to interpret each day. I want my Hannah to meet your Hannah when we see each other.

One Response to “Hannah”

  1. Joy Parker Says:

    Done! If we ever meet, and I hope we do, our Hannahs will play together. This made me remember the years when both my nieces, who are six years apart, would walk around the house in fairy princess costumes or wearing butterfly wings and carrying magic wands. Somehow they had all these outfits left over from, I don’t know, school plays or Halloween or just because my sister bought these clothes for them because they wanted them. Anyway, that was their choice of outfit for the day. I loved being with them when they were dressed like that.

    So, when we meet, maybe we can wear our fairy princess outfits.

    Isn’t life miraculous! We’re surrounded by things beautiful and special all day long.

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