I am having a retreat this coming weekend at my home and retreat center, Bridging Worlds. In the letter I sent out to the participants yesterday I suggested that each prepare their hearts for their journey here, thinking of it as pilgrimage. It is a pilgrimage to the center of the world – as the mystics say, the center is everywhere. It is a pilgrimage to the sacred mountain – as Black Elk says, the sacred mountain is everywhere. And it is a pilgrimage to the Oracle of Delphi because we will consult her wisdom from here.

I am here preparing and awaiting their arrival. But I am preparing my heart for pilgrimage too. As persons come together with sacred intention everything is changed, time and space are changed. I journey no less than anyone else. We move to a new dimension together where we are met by angels, guides, fairies and helping spirits who eagerly await our interest in their arts. We move to the space of listening to mountain, stars, wind and owl with considered intention. And we move to the realm of heart where we hear the beat of our own, each other’s and the earth’s heart more attentively.

May the guardians of pilgrimage intentions be with and guide us. We move with your blessing.

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