Where Two or Three are Gathered. . .

Healing does seem to be a theme running through my awareness in a big way the last several days. Today a friend had a medical issue that was challenging to know how to think about. I called another friend who understands healing modalities from an energetic point of view, had spoken to one who is an RN and nutritionist, talked to my Mother and sister who pray – a healing modality that is actually finally becoming recognized by scientists – and did what I could do through my own heart and loving concern. With all of this going on I was thinking of Jesus’ words, “When two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” So many hearts gathered, surely the healing one is with us.

Tonight another friend went through something similar; he needed to go to the emergency room but did not because of a lack of insurance. A different set of friends kicked in to care and send healing love. Again, the idea that a number of us conjoined carries a particular power. We have much to learn about the actual realities of healing. Medicine is a limited technology, there is much more.

One Response to “Where Two or Three are Gathered. . .”

  1. Jerry R. O'Neill Says:

    You are a wellspring of healing thoughts, words and images, Tayria. Thank you for sharing. “Surely the healing one is among us!”

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