Jesus and Healing

This model for the Western psyche, the man Jesus, was a healer. I don’t know how many of the other historically great teachers were primarily healers. Jesus didn’t seem to be about encouraging his followers to quest for enlightenment or greatness or even detachment. He asked them to love each other. He went about healing.

Of all of the other things we must be about in this world, all of the wonderful glories and joys of the world, the need for healing is the most basic. I love and am grateful for the meditation and example of Jesus in this regard. It simplifies priorities.

2 Responses to “Jesus and Healing”

  1. Jerry R. O'Neill Says:

    Thank you, Tayria, for reminding us late at night, early in the morning, all through the day, every day, Divine dwells in and among human beings, loving us, healing us, calling us by name.

    And oh, yes, dear Julie, what a friend we have in Jesus!

  2. Darita-Rose Alden Says:

    One of my doctors sent me here to Eugene to be healed. At first I thought it would be like Lourdes or something. But then I had to think about what healing really meant. I came to, the journey to wholeness. Individuation. Jung, a lot. It’s a joy to be in the ecstasies of the Jung Dharma. Jesus is there, too. Now I have to think, what is the connection between seeking the Self and becoming as a little child? Both connect us to the kingdom of heaven, which is in our hearts …

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