Life in the Hands of Spirit

There are a number of issues in my life right now that I feel are beyond what my little mind, comprehension and ego can possibly get a handle on. They are part of a trajectory in the universe that escapes any sense I might have of how to guide or control them. So I have felt the need to surrender and say to spirit, “This is for you. I’m in your hands. I’m going to trust you in this. It is beyond me.” Generally that attitude is somewhat normal in my life, but right now there seem to be more specific calls toward it.

I remember years ago reading the story of an Irish saint, Saint Kevin. He set his little boat out onto the lake without a rudder or an oar, trusting nature, wind, angels and spirits to take him to where he was meant to go. For some reason this story has often inspired me. It takes courage and intention to let go in such ways and allow bigger forces to be completely in charge. Ego is control oriented and self-protective; it has no place in this kind of adventure.

There is a time and a season for everything. When the time comes to pull in the rudder and throw away the oars, I ask the blessings of St. Kevin to be with you in your journey.


2 Responses to “Life in the Hands of Spirit”

  1. Joy Parker Says:

    Tayria: If you EVER wonder whether writing this blog means something to other people or is worth the effort, just know that you have thrown me a life saver. I’ve been having a very challenging time lately and I too am facing some issues that just seem beyond me, trying to make the right decisions, trying to fight depression, winning the battle, then hitting a low point, then feeling paralyzed, then getting moving again, then wondering if I will ever be living the kind of life I dream about. But then there are those times I think of as “one moment of perfect joy” when I know the universe is on my side and that I am divinely guided and, as you say, I can surrender because someone IS watching over us and guiding us. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being my lifesaver tonight. God spoke to me through your blog, truly. Much love and all blessings to you, dear friend whom I’ve never met.

    • Tayria Ward Says:

      Dearest Joy, I was stopped cold at the last words of your reply, we’ve “never met.” I had to really stop and think about that. It’s amazing how close I feel to you, how much I can hear your voice (even with the vocal chords damaged), how much I feel like I know your heart, and I almost hadn’t realized we haven’t met. How intriguing. I have referred to your blogs to others saying, “My friend, Joy Parker…” Well, truly we are friends, and I can only hope to have the privilege of meeting you in the flesh. Until then I enjoy the friendship completely. And I am so very sorry to hear about your struggles, and grateful that St. Kevin must have spoken through me last night to you, Please let me know any time you would like to look at some dreams or talk on the telephone about what that realm might have to offer you. I am here for you. With love.

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