Breaking Through

We carry our balls and chains unconsciously, mostly; ideas we have developed that don’t match or support our authentic lives, which creates a friction to live up to an external idea as if it mattered or were real. What we want to actually do, who we want to be, how we want to spend our energy become suppressed, unexpressed, rarely even realized because of the dominance of these outer ideas. This is true of even the greatest minds and talents on the planet, not just a few of us.

It takes a very special kind of self-support and mutual support to break through the delusion; to cut the ball and chain so that it doesn’t have to be carried anymore. If a notion you are trying to live up to does not feed your soul, does not resonate with your heart, feels like it comes from voices outside your own deep self – cut it loose. Break out and break through. Only the authority of one’s own soul’s course matters in this world, the rest is distraction.

2 Responses to “Breaking Through”

  1. Jerry R. O'Neill Says:

    What a cheer for all we marathon runners striving toward authentic selfhood! What a song for freedom!

    My race has been against co-dependency, cutting the ball and chain of addictive reliance on people and their approval.

    Today, my race has been made a bit easier. You’ve led a timely cheer, Tayria, yours a voice in a soulful choir singing a song of liberty!

    Thank you!

    Sing on!

  2. Tayria Ward Says:

    Jim Morrison would be proud. Break on through to the other side. He was a hero to me, poet, wildman.

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