Heart Thought

My Nigerian mentor and shaman told me unequivocally that all indigenous people know that the true thinking apparatus is in the heart, not in the head. The set up for the Western world for the most part is dominated by the thinking of the head, and is often completely out of alignment with what the heart knows. I experience myself as being solidly in my strength when my heart is doing the thinking. And I generally feel the most confounded and insecure when I have to make my heart compromise and adjust to the great collective “set up” ruled by the head.

Speaking with a friend tonight, one of my most basic confounding dilemmas in this regard came up. Money. This is an area in which I feel out of alignment with heart thought, and therefore perpetually befuddled, definitely not in my power. My friend listened and asked me questions to help me get to the bottom of the confusion I was expressing. And then he saw through the cloudy verbalization I was offering and said, basically, here is what your heart says. Do that. Trust it. Everything will work out and line up if you do that.

I have never had that kind of guidance before in this matter.  I felt suddenly clear, empowered and illumined. People attempting to be helpful with me on the subject tend to want to give me steroids for head thinking to get me through it, pushing me further into the terrain of conflict. In tonight’s conversation I felt permission and utter encouragement to let the thought of my heart take charge. I was set free. And I trust it. I do know that this adjustment will help the energy to move in areas in which it has been consistently blocked. This is radical, but I get it now and can stand in it.

Praise god for good friends who see.

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