The Immortal Soul

Part of me has been in one of those constellations out there in the heavens lately, looking back at our lovely planet and the decisions we have made that brought us to here. Such a vast trajectory of time and space sets our course, and our little brains only pick up so much of what is going on. But the soul knows. The soul totally, 100% gets it.

Unfortunately NOT listening to the soul is the training we get from most religious and educational influence. Don’t listen to yourself, listen to the experts, those ordained to tell you what you should be hearing. This is human tragedy of the highest order, anything that takes you away from your connection to your own immortal soul.

The tiny little frames of reference that dominate our lives and choices are sweet and beautiful; as William Blake says, “the universe in a grain of sand.” But the soul has vision and intentions that our brains and untrained minds do not easily grasp, and can only attempt to trust.

Interestingly, the cells of our bodies know. Our cells are created of the same stuff as the universe. The denigrated body knows what the universe knows. Listen to the body of you want to hear the language of the immortal soul.

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One Response to “The Immortal Soul”

  1. Joy Parker Says:

    It amazes me that you can come up with such deep and sweet insights, each and every day. Thank you. I love reading what you write.

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