The World is a Good Place

I have listened to a number of stories today, from a number of different people, all of which re-affirm in my reflection that I do believe that the world is with us and has our backs. It wants for us the highest good; that is its nature. This might sound naive, and maybe it is. But with a lifetime of care-filled observation in the laboratory of life, so far my conclusions are that the universe intends for us to be free, whole and happy.

Listening to dreams I start with this hypothesis. I explained this to a dream group last year. One woman said, “Is that a belief you have?” I spontaneously replied, “When Einstein was asked if he believed in God, he said `I don’t believe, I know.'” I will say the same thing. I don’t believe, I know. All of us know something. This is what I know.

Whatever challenges, losses, unfairness, injustice, cruelty, horrifying circumstances life has to throw to us, in the big picture, in the long trajectory, it is trying to help us all see the good, find our way, discover real values, understand what matters. Love. That’s it. In the end, and in the beginning, that is all there is.

2 Responses to “The World is a Good Place”

  1. daritarose Says:

    In the Krishna teachings, they say that Maya is a goddess, and She, too, is serving Lord Krishna.

  2. Tayria Ward Says:

    Darita, I really appreciate your thoughtful responses to my posts. Your insights add to the messages. Thank you. xo

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