I literally fell asleep last night writing this piece. There must be a message in that, as I never, ever just fall asleep; falling asleep is generally a project. Maybe anxiety that keeps me awake is dissolving!

I’m noticing the wild generosity of the universe these last days. The harshness of nature is a fact, the pain of loss, death of loved ones, heartbreaking challenges, difficulties, uncertainties have to be tolerated, even embraced. Yet nature also compensates in such touching and extraordinary ways. I want to honor her for that, shout to her my thanks.

My friend who just lost her husband is shattered, yet what I heard in her voice last night was amazement at the most indefinable comforts that are pouring through to touch her tired spirit with the sweetest love. And what I witnessed is a woman breaking out, like a birth, an emerging power coming into the world as she lives into this challenge.

I see it everywhere. Nature takes away, but never withholds her showers of compensations. Her heart is fully generous. I love her so much in this and want to say thank you.

One Response to “Compensation”

  1. Joy Parker Says:

    Dearest Tayria: Yes, grief breaks our hearts open and that is where the light comes in. The compassion and sweetness of people during our time of need is beyond awe inspiring.

    No matter what your life challenges, your sorrows, you griefs, just keep doing that One Wild Thing That Your Heart Longs To Express in service of life. And a quite joy is not far behind.

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