The gospel stories of the New Testament have informed Western thinking, philosophy, music and art ever since the time of their recording. In these last days a remembrance of the story of the transfiguration of Jesus keeps coming to mind, an event reported to have been witnessed by some that were with him on Mount Tabor.

Transfiguration. What is this concept? What does it want us to know? The figure of Jesus was transfigured right before the eyes of those with him. Is it possible for us to become transfigured like that? Do we also experience the kind of transfiguration this scripture refers to? I feel a transfiguration coming on but not anything anyone can see, just a change from the inside out, a vibration at a different rate, a mysterious charge of energy the universe chooses to deliver. I’m very intrigued with this, and that strong word keeps passing through my mind.

One Response to “Transfiguration”

  1. Joy Parker Says:

    Transfiguration is a mystery and I am sure the experience might be different for every individual. If I may share something my teacher Gretchen taught us about transfiguration in terms of traditional shamanism. Before we perform any healing work or whenever we feel we need protection. We literally transfigure, fill up with light. We are taught to go to a place and meet with a spirit guide who can help us with this process. In our transfigured state we can ask our ancestors, power animals, or spirit helpers to transfigure as well and merge with us.

    From this state we are protected and filled with healing energy, which we can then share with whomever we are working with. In this way, we do not exhaust our own energy through our healing work, but call upon energy that is sacred and stronger than our own.

    I think that the practice of transfiguration could be a kind of daily meditation, and from that state perhaps we could send out healing energy and love to the world.

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