Instantaneous Healing

I am remembering a dream I had some years ago, the details of which I wish I had time to look back into my dream journals to find right now, but I will tell what I remember. I am on the bottom of the ocean, there is a university, I am getting my Ph.D. in Angelology, (a term that I had never heard of before the dream but have since read is one that is used somewhere), and there is something we are learning about instantaneous healing. The message seemed to be that humans are set up now to believe that it takes time to recover from ailments at all of the levels – emotional, psychological, physical, spiritual. We don’t truly realize yet that instant healing is possible; that it is literally possible to go from a state of sickness to a state of freedom from that sickness in an instant when things are lined up right. That was what we are learning about in this school at the bottom of the sea regarding the science of Angelology.

People struggle now for years to recover from traumas, abuses, illnesses of every kind, and the set up has been that it takes those years to integrate the shocks, the information, work through the healing processes, and become free of the effects. Our best shots now at “instantaneous healing” involve repression, or severance and marginalization of the issue. These are band-aids on the problem, helpful for a time but not healing. There is much information that we have yet to integrate regarding the true possibilities of healing.

Jesus was the Miracle Man who healed in a moment. It is possible. I loved what one of the participants in a conference I recently attended said by way of response to one of the lectures. He called up Jesus’ words, “And greater things than these shall ye do.” The fellow remarked, “This is not a scriptural phrase that I hear preached upon very often.”

So true. And what the passage says is true. We just have to live into it.

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