Weeding the Garden

This has to be an obvious and overused metaphor, but I can’t help myself. I planted an extensive garden, watered it well, and then left for more than 2 weeks to Colorado and Mexico. Now I am back tending the plants, excited about their sprouting, and watching big weeds growing close that could choke their roots and rob them of nutrients.

While I was travelling I was hoping to find new insight and perspective on big issues in my life that are harder to see while I’m actually in the matrix of everything here. The weeding session today felt powerful to me, like I was at the same time clearing my own psychic garden. Just like these plants, things that have started to sprout in my psyche need space, need a clear area in which to grow, and need to be identified as separate from the very naturally occurring other things that crop up to crowd out their life.

I find it hard to see which is which, the plant or the weed. I kept pulling up what I thought was a weed only to discover it is what I had planted.  With apologies I put their roots back in the ground. And I kept overlooking weeds. It’s tricky for me. Every seed just wants to grow and is beautiful. Which plants will support the garden (literally and spiritually), and which will choke it? For me, in both cases, discerning these is harder than it might seem.

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