Grief in our Veins

As I look at the horror of the oil spill off the coast of New Orleans I see it as a disease, dis-ease, of grief that is entering the veins of our species. We have been operating out of a horrifying lack of vision and foresight on behalf of the planet. The birds trying to clean the oil off their wings, the shellfish that are filled up with oil yet still trying to move, the dying plants and ecosystems – and livelihoods – the fury of the oil unstoppably spewing; as big as the horror is, I hope it shakes us awake. How can we stay numb and in denial as this happens? Our habits and addictions are destroying our own lovely nest. I, as much as anyone, must wake up. Help me, let’s help each other, shock ourselves into a bright, brilliant and brisk response. As Rumi says, “The door is round and open, don’t go back to sleep.”

One Response to “Grief in our Veins”

  1. Karen Nilsen Says:

    There have been so many natural upsets lately–earthquakes and volcanos and weird weather. Now this manmade disaster. The earth is trying to tell us something–we can’t go back to sleep.

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