Wounds of Love

I have been gone for more than two weeks, and while gone my dog was boarded at the veterinary hospital facility. He got lost in the woods for two days and nights, a big first in both of our lives, not long before I had to leave him there. He’s been having seizures and health problems since then, so I felt I needed to leave him where a doctor could care for him if needed. We were both brave to leave each other’s company during this trip. When I re-united with him today he was so excited that he couldn’t stop jumping on me and pawing me. I literally have bleeding wounds on my neck and chest from the reunion. I have been treating them with antibiotic ointment. If they scar I will be pleased and proud of the scars forever. I have never been loved as passionately as this dog loves me. What prouder scars could a person wear? The love is so pure.

One Response to “Wounds of Love”

  1. Karen Nilsen Says:

    This makes my heart happy to read. After all you and Coco have been through lately, it’s so nice to read about your reunion. Our pets love us so purely, it breaks my heart–in a good way.

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