The Power of a Vision

A friend invited me down to her home near Daholonega, Georgia, to do a retreat for her friends. Arriving last night on a full moon night, I have been able to see for the first time this home she has been telling me about. When she arrived many years ago it was an overgrown tear-down. She immediately knew the potential and saw what she wanted. She has created an exquisite cabin, floor to ceiling, all in harmony with the environment. She wanted a lake; she met an engineer (who she also married) who got her a lake, diverting creek waters to fill up a meadow. They built and landscaped a stone waterfall for the creek waters to feed into. Somebody she knows brought tons of rock in from Tennesse which they have used to create stone paths, a huge stone fire pit area by the lake with stone benches surrounding. We sat there last night watching the moon light on the lake and listening to the happy bullfrogs. Their guest room is a tree house she had built – a room situated right above the creek with a bridge built over to it with twisty laurel branches to decorate the railing in glorious design. For her birthday her husband got permission from the county and people in the area for her to name the previously unnamed creek. She named it “Frog Call Creek”. The name now shows up on maps. Her house now is decorated with the most unique collection of frogs people give her as gifts. This place is a masterpiece, largely because in its majesty and beauty, it does not stand out from the landscape but blends right in. It is a shrine to the creatures, trees and land that is here; a happy, thriving ecosystem.

As I took it all in last night I realized the power of a vision. She just saw it, and along came the people, the means and the talent to manifest it. Vision is powerful. I want to see more clearly my own vision. I have one but it is hazy, so the manifestation of it is hazy. I’ve been on several vision quests, and I lead vision quests. Each experience takes me to a new level of my vision. But it may be time for me to do another one. Gotta get the clear vision. Nothing happens without it. My friend here just taught this to me in a new way.

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One Response to “The Power of a Vision”

  1. ljcollins Says:

    “I have one but it is hazy, so the manifestation of it is hazy.” Oh, yes, I know this feeling. Thank you for this vivid image of your friend’s vision made real.

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