Lucky Me

I have recorded my dreams since I was 24 years old, and since that time I have also been blessed with having someone in my life who knows the language of the dream to help me interpret them – until a year ago. Financial constraints made it impossible for me to continue. Until then, even in the face of really not having any money, I had found a way to keep this in my life as I saw it as a lifeline.

I work with other people’s dreams on a regular basis, both privately and in dream groups, and of course I have continued to work with my own as best I can. But, as Marie Louise von Franz says, trying to interpret your own dreams is like trying to see your own back. You can’t. I will say that working with one’s own dreams is 100% more valuable than not working with them; there is tremendous information that can be garnered from the dream. But there is also a limit to how far we can go by ourselves since dreams come from the unconscious. We need an external guide to take us more deeply into their meanings.

I am very fortunate though, as today I had my first session with a very gifted dream worker who is going to trade sessions with me on a weekly basis. Finally. At last. This last year without such help has been disorienting for me. Today I worked a dream which I had thought was rather straightforward and simple; however with assistance it unfolded a treasure house of much needed insight. The rest of the day I have felt as if I had been breathing stale air and suddenly have fresh air! Dreamwork, aahhhhhhhhhh.

A lovely woman who wrote to me recently to inquire about my work mentioned that her dreams seem to be nonsensical, with no meaning. I explained that dreams are like a foreign language; until you learn a language it all sounds like nonsense. When you learn it, a whole world of exchange opens up. I encourage anyone who hasn’t tried it to begin to record your dreams. Look at each image as a symbol, a code that comes for a very specific and important reason. Alice in Wonderland is the story of a dream. Gulliver’s Travels was a dream. Einstein got the theory of relativity in a dream! It is a whole world to explore.

Also I wish for everyone the benefit of someone to talk with about their dreams. I feel rich suddenly today. I am very grateful. Lucky me.

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  1. Darita-Rose Alden Says:

    Considering yesterday, this is really good news, and a kind of mercy or compensation or something. Helpful words. Reeva and I help each other this way; sometimes her understanding causes intense feelings, but it is better to know.

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