Sometimes sadness just wants her time, her due. She requires respect. She doesn’t want to be shoved aside as though she doesn’t matter or has nothing to say. She is not inclined to behave wildly to get attention, she simply crawls up out of her cave in the heart and sits there. My words and thoughts mostly disrupt her, she just needs to be heard. She appears to be on a mission and have some purpose.

It occurs to me that when sadness is suppressed she becomes like a madwoman in the attic that haunts and rattles the house day and night. If invited to come in and stay awhile, she retires gracefully after her visit. I’ve been sitting with her today. She’s been telling me stories about the whole world. I’m ok with this, but I won’t mind if she retreats back into her cave tomorrow. I’ve got work to do.

2 Responses to “Sadness”

  1. gina Says:

    Greetings Tayria,

    Love this entry. Actually, I’m finding your blogs are an infusion of inspiration. Somehow they are calling me home to my d.p. roots and at the same time providing the well at the wayside of a vocational pilgrimmage that has left me thirsty and at times, quite lost.

    Was in the mountains this past weekend but just couldn’t figurre out a way to get in touch. It will happen soon, though.

    • Tayria Ward Says:

      Gina, Thanks for your words. I’m so glad to hear the writings are bringing you closer to your roots in depth psychology, that is part of my hope for them. How is your blog going? I do look forward to when the right time comes for us to meet up. Put my phone number in your phone so when you’re in the area we can see if something can work out. Happy spring.

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