The Pink Goddess

I want to express my respect and fascination for the mythic imagination of a child, specifically my 5-year-old neighbor Hannah. She and her mother were over for a visit last night. Sitting on my porch watching the sunset over the mountains gorgeous, fluffy white clouds were in front of massive expansive very pink clouds. It was a spectacular show.

Hannah announced to us that the Pink Goddess was showing herself and that she had come to earth to talk to us, she has messages for us. I asked her what the messages were and she could only say that they are coming, they will be here soon. She said that the Pink Goddess has a brother named King Austen, her father’s name is Wood, and her mother’s name is Heart. As the sun set further and the scene changed, Hannah said that the Pink Goddess is now turning out her lights and her message will be here soon. She said Guards were then appearing to tell us about the planting, because we have flowers and we don’t know how to plant them.

In the same way that the great myths of the world reveal some of the deepest truths we know and their messages never stop informing and helping us to understand ourselves and the world, I believe mythic visions and wisdom continue to unfold. Children like Hannah need to be listened to. I’m taking notes.

This particular child has the advantage of growing up on the mountain, in a setting where nature is speaking to her uninterruptedly. She is unique in my experience. But I believe all children have access to greater awareness than we tend to realize. We must listen to them.

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One Response to “The Pink Goddess”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Thank you Hannah!

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