The Job Crisis: What if…?

Listening to the news stories and learning about the very scary and sad situation so many Americans find themselves in, without work or ways to support the lives they have always known; and considering the solutions that are being sought, such as encouraging 6th graders to decide what they want to do for the rest of their lives so that they can begin training to make a decent livelihood, I wonder. I do not pretend to know anything about money or economics, that is not my area, but I have made a life-long study of human nature. What if, as Buckminster Fuller used to put it, instead of trying to make “cents”, we focus on what makes sense? Making sense, to Bucky, was to endeavor to discover what one person can do that will benefit the largest number of people, rather than just themselves or their families. To me that means discovering the thinking of the heart, rather than that of the head. Maybe thinking with the head is what has gotten us into this mess, and as Einstein says, “You can’t solve a problem at the same level of thinking that produced the problem.”

What if the 6th graders were asked to pay more attention to what is happening in their hearts? What is it that they feel called to do? What do they have a passion for? What will keep them inspired? What can they do that will make a difference in their communities? What can they do that will offer something of value – not just monetary value – to the world itself?

What if prosperity follows that rule instead of the rules involved in chasing a dollar? Our system is collapsing, maybe it is a good time to deeply re-evaluate the paradigm and assumptions under which we have been operating.

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3 Responses to “The Job Crisis: What if…?”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Really well put, Tayria!

  2. Sarah Davis Says:

    YES! That’s the message for sure, Tayria!

  3. daritarose Says:

    I like this. Holding the tension of the opposites here, I think that encouraging kids to be more grounded can be good. As an astrologer, I know that we bring in certain aptitudes from past lives, and also, there are things we’ve signed up for that can be seen in the chart. In some ways we can be very nebulous, Neptunian, and encourage kids to follow their dreams, their bliss. America as land of opportunity–this is a big part of the mythos here. Any kid can be President. And in some ways this is really good. Breaking out of Blue meme, Saturn, moving toward Yellow, really, Uranus, thinking outside the box. In Japan, a very Blue and Purple society, kids are put into boxes very young. But it can be very practical for a child and her family to have some sense of what is in her soul. At the same time, from what I can tell, we are not moving toward life-long careers, so I think that kids should be encouraged to be fluid, to think about staying open and possibly training for more than one thing. Also, this whole thing of everyone goes to college, and right away–not so good. I think, in many cases, teach kids about all kinds of work, so they have realistic ideas about what jobs entail, how much such a person earns, how much things cost, different parts of the country and world. Parents don’t do so well teaching their kids about money and work and rent and all that. If they came out of high school with being educated along those lines, that might be better. Also, with what you were saying, I think that it would be so great for there to be rituals in our culture, rituals to help children move to the next stage. As Myss points out, the 3rd or power chakra aligns with the sacrament of confirmation/bar/bat mitzvah. To me, in the Orange/Green and beyond parts of the spiral, it means encouraging children in knowing who they are. As the ego comes in at age 9, a lot of past life things will constellate,and the soul contract will begin to reveal itself. Wonderful thoughts! Rituals help us to include Purple meme in a good way, and being grounded helps us to use Blue without being stuck in having to do what our parents did. Because Orange and Green will have their way–so using all the levels (and quadrants, as we say in Integral) is the most realistic and empowering. And honoring of the sacred, the unique.

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