Africa Journal #1, Leaving

Tonight I am in the process of readying to leave the country for 2 weeks on a trip to the Kibera slum outside of Nairobi, Kenya. I have been writing about the trip, and many are supporting the journey with heartfelt donations to make it happen. I want to write what I hope will be meaningful accounts as I go.

I’m going to be simple and honest in these accounts. I can’t even imagine how to try profundity when my brain is burning at the end of days. Readers beware. Since a surprising number of people have involved themselves in this journey by generous and heart-filled support, I want to share the process in case they, or any of you readers, are interested.

Getting ready to leave might be the hardest part of a trip like this, gearing oneself up, figuring out the preparations for being away and anticipating what will be needed while abroad. As I worked on sorting out vitamins, amenities, laundry and so much else tonight I put on movie channels to watch something while I whittled away. I often experience that whatever is available to be seen at such times is oracular. There is undeniable meaning. I will tell you what showed up tonight, as it had me amused and amazed through my mind-boggling preparations.

Men In Black.
Men Who Stare at Goats.

Both movies are about seeing beyond the illusion. Mind-bogglingly funny. Profound. True. And genius.

These messages are what are sending me off to Africa tonight.
I recommend them.  Smoke something, drink something, make some tea, put your feet up, whatever helps you relax and enjoy them.

This trip is motivated by the heart for me. Following the heart unfailingly seems to lead to piercing illusions of mind and culture. These little send-offs help me to feel supported in the spirit.

5 Responses to “Africa Journal #1, Leaving”

  1. Gillian Broswick Says:

    I’m smiling as I write this knowing that you are supported on so many levels as you embark on this journey and now I’ve got tears because I know that this is such an important trip….

    I am sending you strength and health and love….

  2. Jeanne Day Says:

    You are so supported and never doubt that—I’m sure you don’t. One of the deeply moving things about this trip is that you are going to plant new seeds of expansion in that little girls heart and you probably won’t get to know what grows out of them. Only your faith will give you that nod of “well done good and faithful servant”.
    So much of life is like that and when we remember we’re here for the soul’s experience, it means so much more than our intellect can report.

  3. Steve Mann Says:

    I look forward to reading about your adventures in Africa, Tayria. I do hope it weighs out way beyond your expectations.

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