Now Go and Do Heartwork

Work of the eyes is done, now
go and do heart work
on all the images imprisoned within you; for you
overpowered them: but even now you don’t know them.

-Rainer Maria Rilke

The morning after Christmas I awakened with the words in this title. The holiday with my daughters and their significant others had been perfect, completely delightful, just divine. I feel so fortunate. After that blessing was completed, the words “Now go and do heart work” were strongly imprinted as I awakened.

On January 1st, 2012, I leave on my journey to Kenya. It is clearly the work of the heart that moved me to commit to this trip, details of which I wrote about in my blog entitled Africa: A Promise on November 19th, 2011. Telling the story of why I need to go, the promise I need to keep, I suggested that anyone who might be interested to support the journey could help me with it by contributing donations of any amount. Conversations with my friend, Carter Via, and my daughter, Josi Ward inspired me to make this suggestion.

I had no idea whether the notion would speak to anyone or not; there were no expectations. The response has been truly overwhelming. There has been an outpouring of feeling, love, interest, care, concern and support. With this outcome, I now make the journey not as a private matter but also as a carrier of the love and intentions of many who have involved their hearts and energy in the trip as well. I feel, differently than I ever have, like an ambassador. I want to represent well each one who has entrusted me with such support.

The heart is a fierce organ; mind is weak by comparison. In a recent dream I was doing things with my tiger, an animal who in the dream is bonded to me and goes everywhere with me. I know from some of my most important life dreams that tiger for me is an image of the heart. Now it is time to do work with the tiger.

I can’t say I know yet just what this means. The dream is laying some groundwork, I suppose, readying me. With all my heart, and with the hearts of all who are now coming with me in this energetic way, here I go.

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One Response to “Now Go and Do Heartwork”

  1. daritarose Says:

    Once more I have to bring up the work of Dr. Stephen Gallegos, Jungian. Long ago I read his book “Personal Totem Pole.” This may have come out of having Marsheen do some soul retrievals, and her connecting me with the animals of 3 of my chakras. My Jungian therapist and I agree that the soul retrieval is a form of active imagination, done by a shaman. But in the self-genesis age, it’s very imortant for us to do this for ourselves. Gallegos’ work is a form of AI. So, it seems that the Tiger is your heart chakra animal. My heart chakra animal was the 1st that I saw for myself, too. The animals are so wonderful. We have so many. The7 lower chakra animals would like to be identified and then join together in a council. They can help us heal so much. My heart chakra animal was, for a long time, a great mother bison–related to a Native past life. Then, when I was working with a friend to get his animals, as he was uniting with the heart one,my heart chakra animal spontaneously changed! It was so cool! Sad to see my bison go,she’d been a good mother to me, but she gave birth to 2 calves, male and female, and then was done, at least for now. So, i encourage you to look and see about the others! Gallegos has written a book on the animals of teh 4 (Jungian) functions. They are great to connect with, too. And thank your animasl for showing themselves to you. That’s what Steve recommends. Love, DR

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