Response from Kibera, and you. And caring for dreams…

The story about my upcoming trip to Africa and Esther seemed to touch hearts. I can’t tell you what it means to me to receive the responses.

I wrote to Martha Muiruri at the orphanage in Kibera to tell her that I am coming, asking her to please let Esther know. This was her reply:

 Esther will be beyond herself with joy to hear you are coming. Every time I make fun to her and tell her “someone greeted you” she says with such a warm smile” I receive the greetings” and then I ask, “How do you receive greetings and you haven’t asked me who greeted you?” she shyly says “I know the greetings are from Tayria”.

 Thanks so much for the books; I want to read so widely in psychology. I want to be blessing people, like you… I highly appreciate and I look forward, and may God do you good. 

I will take love and blessing from all of us to them. And books.

Also, I sent this idea out to my mailing list, but thought I might mention it to blog readers as well. If someone on your Christmas list might enjoy a session with a trained person who listens to and helps you interpret your dreams, or who might appreciate an oracular reading, I will offer a gift certificate that you can give them for a 40-minute session, either by telephone or in person, for $35.  A friend set me up with PayPal so I can receive donations and payments easily from a button on the home page of my website, I have been slow to enter this new millennium in such ways; thank goodness for smart friends.

I want to help hear and trust the dream. There is unfathomable wisdom there.


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