Looking Down the Wormhole

Recently I had a vision that appeared as a view down a wormhole, a glimpse into quantum possibility, not that I can tell you what that means; it is the best term I can find to describe it. I saw a complete reality that is there to be entered, full of its own integrity and energy laws to support it, one that is not here where I am right now but there, on the other side of the worm hole. Like Alice when she followed the white rabbit, or taking the red pill in the Matrix movies.

I have studied quantum physics, even taught a course called The Physics of Thought at a college in Santa Monica, California, based upon the dialogue method and theories developed by physicist David Bohm. And I have been deeply moved by the explanations in String Theory which posit that many dimensions of reality live all in the same place and the same time, showing how we move between them.

The vision I had must be influenced by exposure to these studies but seemed not at all related to a cognitive or intellectual realm of experiencing. It was as vital and real as anything I have ever known, a parallel reality not yet entered but already fully alive and active. Yet the reality required my engagement in it, it wasn’t available without my agreement, my “Yes.”

As I have mused upon what might be required of me to enter this reality of possibility and energy three things have come to mind so far.

1. Forgiveness. I see it now like I never have before. Forgiveness is not about doing anything, not an action to be taken or an achievement of some kind; it is a way of being that is closer than our breath. We forgive ourselves, forgive life, forgive each other with every in-breath and out-breath. Lack of forgiveness causes things to stick; forgiveness opens flow. Let go of concepts and old realities that hold the mind into a pattern of distrust or resentment, with every breath a new reality is allowed for and created. We do this not through effort, as a “should,” but because we see.

2. No fear. Fear serves nothing. Let it go. “Perfect love casts out fear.” Fear is not a way to live, only a way to be dead while alive.

3. Self-confidence. I mean confidence in the Self, that self that is a priori, not a product of our history or circumstance. This requires an awareness of Self that is distinct from ego’s reality. Ego orients us in time and space, and is a great assistance in our lives unless we confuse it as an identity. Ego is a tool, like a good hammer. It doesn’t have to be defended as if it has anything to do with Self. It has little to do with Self just like our hammer has little to do with we are. One hammer is as good as another. Carl Jung said that “Every victory for the Self is a defeat for the ego.” The sense of defeat is a result of identification problems.

The view down the wormhole has me thinking. I’m going to take the red pill.


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