I See Faces

I see faces everywhere, do you? I mean faces in the clouds, trees, mountains, bushes, sidewalks, ceilings, walls – everywhere, everywhere, always, always, every day. I want to learn to draw so I can render them. There is so much information in them. Endless stories pour out of them.

I have a little pencil drawing in my office that I made of faces I saw in the patterns in beams of wood above the bed of my friend’s house in Italy where I stayed for 5 weeks a couple of years ago. Since I was there so long, and the patterns stayed so consistent, I was able to actually draw them. Those faces tell me stories all of the time because of my little untrained pencil renderings, continuing unfolding stories. If I could capture the ones that I see fleetingly, like when the sunlight hits the trees in a certain way, or the moonlight on the grass – whole worlds pour out of those faces but then they are gone. Someday I will learn to draw and that is what I want to draw.

2 Responses to “I See Faces”

  1. Jim Obermeyer Says:

    I don’t know if it’s still in print, the name of the book is “Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain”, great for quick sketches.

  2. Tayria Ward Says:

    Thanks a bunch for the recommendation. I will look for it.

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