What Would Athena Do?

Athena Statue

Athena Statue

Along with many in the world, I have watched with a certain numbness and disbelief as America enters yet another war. I am suspicious of how loved and trusted newsmen shape the story, and listened to our President talking about our entry into Libyan affairs tonight with more caution than I usually feel with him. My recent sense of hope and trust feels familiarly battered, and it makes me sad. The whole world is sad right now, we are all feeling it enormously, I’m sure of that.

After Obama’s speech I turned off the TV and stared into the fire burning in my stove. I have a statue of the Goddess Athena who sits over my left shoulder in my little work station in my living room. Her presence felt strong. I said to myself, “Ok, think… what would Athena do?” She is the Goddess of War, who is guided by the owl, wisdom; she only supports war when it is absolutely necessary. On my statue the owl sits on her left shoulder. Athena is complex, an earthy goddess of crafts and agriculture, as well as the goddess who protects and guides heroes in the ancient myths.

What would she do in this case? Anyone’s reflection is as valid as anyone else’s – we are all groping I believe. When our President said he preferred to act before he saw the images of thousands slaughtered, I thought maybe She is guiding him. This is the time. The protection is necessary. I hate war, but have an image of the Goddess of War sitting over my shoulder. She is waking me up to situations in my own life that need a more war-like response, and helping me to understand. Sometimes it takes war-like responses to protect beauty, truth, justice and innocence.

Everything we do in life is about our intentions in doing it, this was one of my earliest inspired guidances. If we enter an argument or a war for any egoistic or materialistic reasons, it is a crime and will reap those consequences. If we do the same thing to protect love and innocence, the universe responds completely differently. It is so in our most trivial and private affairs, as well as in global and international affairs. The Goddess of Wisdom must be the guide.

I have no answers, obviously. only reflections and prayers. I will say that I do trust the heart of this man we have elected, still, and always pray that he will be guided by the most wise sensibilities in himself and universe.

5 Responses to “What Would Athena Do?”

  1. Jerry R. O'Neill Says:

    Hi Tayria,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and concerns on our President’s recent decisions involving the U.S. in Libya’s current unrest. I join you in your prayers for wise and divinely inspired leadership in our country’s national and international affairs.

    On a another note, you and your recent move to the city have been in my prayers as well.


  2. Tayria Ward Says:

    Thank, Jerry. I appreciate your prayers very much, it is a shifting time. You seem to be on an Odyssey of your own! Every time I read your posts somewhere you seem to be in another place. I hope it is nourishing you at every level. Blessings to you, always.

  3. informationforager Says:

    Thanks for the post. I’d never heard of Athena before and within two hours I found another post about her also. Must be trying to tell me something.
    I’m glad you’re back. Hope your move to the city works out.
    I have been inspired by your blog and actually went to wordpress and started my own blog of SpiritualThemes. I like your layout so I thought I would go the same way. As I look at your site again, their almost identical in format. Sorry. Simple is best. If you want to look at my site I think my best work is “The Illusion of Philosophy.” I have about 19 posts so far and some people even like them. It’s fun and I like writing about one day.
    Things I’ve learned from your site: David Bohm Dialogue, great stuff, and the idea of an infinite interior world. Maybe man has completely fooled himself with trying to find the smallest matter. If it’s infinite then we’ll never find the center. God is wonderful. Thank you.
    Also I donwload your papers and put them in my reference book.

  4. Tayria Ward Says:

    Just checked out your blog and read several posts. You are a very good writer. I’m sure people really appreciate your thoughtfulness about life’s reflections, and I love that you share your dreams. Terrific. You’re filling up those pages, that is so great!

  5. informationforager Says:

    Thank You for the kind words. I hope you know that you are a part of the inspiration for the blog. Keep On Writing. Keep On Blogging.

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