Thought Train

A body cleanse, I am discovering, is a shake-up for every other aspect of being. Of course, why wouldn’t it be? I know in my mind all of our systems are one whole, each obviously affecting all of the others, I still find myself surprised and fascinated.

Today I kept losing my train of thought. In the middle of a sentence writing an e-mail I would forget who I was writing to and what about, then have to re-explain to myself what I was doing. So went the day.

I considered the words “train of thought.” Very interesting term. The days can go like this, often unreflective thought carrying us like a train. We barrel on through, until it dumps us into bed. Then we jump on the train again after morning coffee.

This not being on the train, barely being able to find the track, is tricky when I have so much to do. But I trust it. I want to take this cleansing opportunity to figure out which habitual train I am taking, to where, and why. This is good.

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