Thought Detox

I’m well into my month-long detox, having to stay focused on what is going into my body and look right past items in my cabinet or refrigerator that are not for now. It helped yesterday to have a friend with me who put her hands on my back and pushed me out of the store where they were serving free tastings of specialty wines. Friend support can be necessary.

I have been noticing while I am having to stay alert and pay attention to the physical aspect of the detox that my toxic thinking is also standing out to me more. Old habits of self-doubt, discouragement, focusing too much on what isn’t working or what I am not accomplishing rather than what I am – so many of these trends in thought seem to be also highlighted during this process. Just don’t go there my mind seems to say, just like you’re not having that coffee, or sugar, or cheese or wine. Think the thoughts that are encouraging and optimistic.

After this period I will return to some of the foods, hopefully with more awareness and moderation. But I sure hope that the detoxification of negative thinking and feeling will become permanent. It makes life so much better!


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