Looking Back is Looking Forward

In the past days there have been many insightful, painful, helpful reminders of the past, both personally and collectively, that I might chosen to dismiss as over, irrelevant, done. But a smoke of truth is filling my senses with the reality that there cannot possibly be a clear look forward without clarityabout  the past. To dismiss it is to repeat it. To see it, review it, understand and accept it allows re-creation of the future. I do not accept the idea that what is past is past, let’s just move on. No. The past is the root and pattern for the future, unequivocally. See it, and you can reshape it. Deny it and it is destined to repeat itself.

I also believe that time is an illusion and past, present and future are all one thing.

Opposites, both are true. That is the wild reality we live in.

One Response to “Looking Back is Looking Forward”

  1. Darita-Rose Alden Says:

    Thank you. I am doing a huge project around exactly this, and wondering if I’m wasting time and energy. Your blog convinced me that, not only am I not wasting time, but I am actually right on schedule. I have old tarot readings that I am looking back on and understanding. Mainly, old dream diaries and journals. This gives me juice to keep going. Love, DR

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