Astrological insight

I just happened upon notes that I had taken when I visited a very talented astrologer back in 2001 in Los Angeles. I had never met this man before, and he didn’t ask me anything personal about myself before he turned on the tape and began speaking. I remember clearly the visit with him, but had no recollection of anything he had spoken of before I opened this file today. Wow. That was 9 years ago – I was still working on my doctorate, separated but not yet divorced, was still raising my youngest daughter. I could not have told you what I would be doing after that period. I had mostly worked in classrooms before, and probably assumed I would continue that path.

Reading his words it is as if he had a periscope into my future, which I guess an astrological chart is. He said I would be working for myself, I would be travelling extensively, that I would be doing dream work and would be really good at it, that I would need extensive time alone (at the time I had barely had a day alone in my whole life, now I live alone on a mountaintop), that I would be working to assist others in healing and transformation processes … on and on he went, describing changes in my own personality (post-transformation process) that I did not at all foresee. At the end I mentioned briefly to him that I was divorcing. He described the dynamics of my relationship and the reasons for the breakdown of it in precise explanations. At the time I was merely confused about it all, now I look back and see how extraordinarily and extremely insightful he was.

I have talked to some who think that astrology is a bunch of hooey. Everyone has a right to their opinion, but I challenge those who doubt to see a good astrologer, see what they learn in having their chart read, and then let it stand the test of time. It is mind blowing. I don’t believe in pre-destination, not at all. But I believe in patterns that are written in the stars, and then it is up to us what we do with them. This reading helped me as much today as it did 9 1/2 years ago. I don’t feel I’m in an accidental universe, I feel I am part of a plan and find it very reassuring and helpful.

Ye skeptics, give it a try!


3 Responses to “Astrological insight”

  1. Darita-Rose Alden Says:

    Tayria, as an astrologer, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am not nearly what this guy was, glad you found someone so tuned in.

  2. Joy Parker Says:

    I believe there are people who are just able to “tune in” to the essense of someone and to the currents of fate and choice that move through their lives. Astrology certainly has a long history and astrologers have been consulted by kings, queens, politicians, CEOs, presidents, and first ladies–the movers and shakers of many civilizations. The Maya Indians, who were also highly skilled astronomers, also saw patterns in the stars.

    I have never spent a great deal of time on astology, but I’ve had my chart done numerous times over the years–mostly by accident–and have found it very insightful each time. What I find most fascinating, however, is that the characteristics of my “sign” turn out to be the same, in whatever culture. Pisces is the artist, the magician, the mystic, the dreamer, the charismatic one who, if they can only get focussed can have a great transformative influence on those around them. It is interesting that in Chinese astrology I am the snake, in Maya astrology I am the mage, and in Aztec astrology (I don’t remember the symbol exactly) but it’s the same qualities. As I touched these cultures, someone always offered to do my chart or to talk to me about it. It seems too synchronistic to ignore that each cultural system of astrology has me pegged the same way.

    And, ultimately, all of these things are just tools. The curandera I wrote a book with told me that her Aztec teacher, Ehekateotl asked her once what she would do if he took her healing tools away one by one. She was a bit flummoxed since she had been trained so carefully to use those tools with great skill. However, his point was that if he took away all of her tools, she would still have her hands. In other words, she would still know what she knows and still be able to do her healing work.

    So, astrologers are highly trained people who know what they know because that is the essence of the work they came here to do, to help us to understand what we have to work with in this life and how to work with it more effectively. All real healers, teachers, and guides are tuned in to Source. Everything that helps them do that, every system, is just the “tool.” The secret is, they could probably do it without using the system, once they had enough training and experience. Interesting.

  3. alisha Says:

    I absolutely love this post. I always read my horoscope in my favorite scandal sheet, Star Magazine, it’s fun to read and may not be accurate but still entertaining and makes me want the things it says about me to really happen. It also makes me want to go to a real astrologer and see what that person has to say about me. I’d love to find one as talented as the one you went to. He was really on point with you! Sounds like he pretty much told you your entire future. You travel alot, you live alone etc. I would love to know what’s in store for me. I’m 24 and don’t have a clue as to what I’m going to do in life! lol I need a reading!

    Oh and I really enjoyed your post about my niece and my angel Hannah. You made a really good point about her and our inner Hannah’s. I think everyone should learn from her. I saw her last Monday and told her about the new
    Tinkerbell movie. I told her I would buy it and come watch it with her. she got sooo excited and told everyone in the house that her Nannie is going to bring ‘Tinkbell’ home to watch with her. And she talked about it for the rest of the day. I envy her energy, her excitment about the smallest things in life, like the bear scat in your driveway back early in summer. She literally dragged me over there to see it and told me a long story of how the bear walked from the woods and to ‘tay-uh’s’ house to poo poo in the drive way lol.
    She is the sweetest little girl ever and I feel very lucky to have her as my family and to have helped her grow and teach her things since she was two months old. Not only do I have my inner Hannah, I also have my real Hannah.

    I miss you Tayria and I hope to see you when I visit my parents again! Oh and excuse any typo’s, I’m using an iPod touch that has wifi and the touch screen is very sensitive lol. Love you!

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