Archetype of Queen

I am in the middle of watching the movie The Young Victoria. I had some phone calls and interruptions and will finish it shortly. So far, however, much is resonating with me about this story. It is of a young girl, deprived in many ways of normal childhood enjoyments, learning what her path is about and how to take hold of her own destiny. I recognize her as an archetype in each of us, and possibly the general cultural fascination with royalty is due to this personal story it tells for each individual.

Who are these “advisors” in life who want to use us as pawns in their game? How do we throw over the powers that use us for their own gain, uncaring of our particular needs, rights and destiny? I feel internally a resonance with this young Victoria. We try to live up to expectations developed by culture, religion and those around us, and unconsciously don’t want to let them down, in whatever form they have become embodied or internalized in our worlds. To find the way through to decide for ourselves, to feel the autonomous power the universe is just waiting for each of us to claim, these stories of royalty also tell the myth of the individual journey. I am appreciating and learning from this movie. Let each of us step into our own destiny as she did.

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