Where does the love go?

When an animal or a human with whom we have shared a vigorous love leaves this plane, where does the love go? All of that energy in life suddenly just isn’t there. Where is it? To say to myself that it melts into the diffuseness of the general cosmic love doesn’t satisfy. Where is it? The love I want to express for Coco, where to put it? Into the void? Into something else? None of that feels right. The love that he expressed for me that was the strongest force in my day-to-day life – is just not there. I’ve never experienced a death like this one. I suppose they are all different. This is not comfortable. I don’t like it right now, not at all. I miss my dog.

One Response to “Where does the love go?”

  1. Joy Parker Says:

    Perhaps the love is still there, but now must take a different form. All I know is that indigenous people believe that they can talk to their ancestors and that the relationship they have with these loved ones does not end with death. They come to us now in dreams, in our meditations, perhaps as powerful allies to help us in our healing work.

    And like I said before, they come back, they are reborn. I can’t tell you how devastating it was to lose my cat Moonbeam. She had been my heart for almost 15 years. But she came back and the love is still there, in a different body, one that is healthy and strong, and even a different gender.

    Ask Coco if she will come back. I know many people who have told me that they’ve had the same pet for decades, in different bodies.
    I do feel so for you because it hurts so much and the house feels so empty. Someone once said that love between an animal and a human being is one of the purest forms of love there is.

    Know that Coco is in the place of the ancestors and that any being who has shared our lives on such a level will always be one of our allies and will always be there for us. It’s just so hard when they are no longer in the body, when we can no longer hold them. I know. Just grieve. It will get easier someday.

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