Not Taking Yourself Personally

I keep noticing that edge between taking personal responsibility for the things that aren’t going well in my life, and the need to not take myself so personally. I got that wording from James Hillman. I either heard or read him giving the advice that we must never to take ourselves too personally.

Life feels like this set-up where we’re all something akin to 2nd graders in a Post-Doctoral classroom. Who could possibly get this? I can’t take it personally that I don’t get it. We get these terrific little glimpses through a key hole now and then that offer clues, but the whole story is so far beyond us. It seems that everybody is looking through a different key hole in a different door at a different time, so even putting all of the clues together only adds up to random bits of information that don’t patch together well.

In my experience, the people to avoid are the people who think they get it. Vaclav Havel stated it beautifully: “Seek the company of those who are looking for the truth, but free from those who have found it.”

I have to convince myself that there is nothing to do but get up every day, keep trying, and figure out how to love the mystery. Love being the key word there.

2 Responses to “Not Taking Yourself Personally”

  1. Nancy Whitlow Says:

    Love the ‘second grader’s in a post-doctoral program’. Makes me feel better somehow!

  2. joyparker Says:

    I love what you say about avoiding the people who “think they get it.” There’s nothing worse than being trapped in a conversation with a person who is convinced they are spiritually advanced and is on a mission to prove it to you and the rest of the world. It’s like what we were talking about the other day, about being neither better than or inferior to any other person on earth.

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