Mazes of Thought

My little dog Coco can often be found just standing and staring at a wall or into a corner now that he is deaf and blind, presumably because he doesn’t know where he is so he just stands and looks at the wall. It’s so sweet and sometimes I just have to laugh because it looks so silly.

The images of him like that are coming to mind to show me what I must look like to any being of higher consciousness that might be looking in on me now and then. I just keep wandering into these corners in the mind, or staring at a mental wall without knowing it. It must look pretty funny.

One Response to “Mazes of Thought”

  1. joyparker Says:

    It’s so inspiring to see you writing every day. This is such a sweet, thoughful blog. The ability to laugh gently at oneself is a great gift indeed.

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