The friend who is staying with me, Ali Ghiorsi, founded and runs Savory Thymes out of Mill Valley, California. She cooks and puts on benefits to support non-profits and the arts. I have learned so much from her in just the last few days, not because of what she says but because of who she is. I have asked her to teach me more about what she knows, set me straight, don’t hold back. I want to know. She finally talked with me today in an open way about it.

She told me to go through my refrigerator and cabinet, take out and get rid of anything that has chemicals in it – this includes cleansers, soaps, lotions, any of it. She said she runs a household that hosts hundreds of people coming through, and never shops at anything but a farmer’s market or a store that sells local and organic foods, nor does she have one thing in her house that has a chemical or a toxin in it. Nothing. And, I’m thinking, if it isn’t in her house, you can be sure it doesn’t go into her body.

She is inspired by and enamored of my neighbors who grow their own food and hunt their own meat. She’s helping me to understand more fully the value and beauty and potential of where I live. My own consciousness just hasn’t grown enough to recognize it. She’s not saying that, I am. I still bring things into the house products that don’t reflect this awareness.

I’m learning. I want to make my house and my body pure. I’m inspired now.

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