The story in the 1050’s movie Brigadoon lives like a myth in my consciousness. I first saw it when I was very young. In it two American men go to Scotland on a game hunt and get lost. They happen upon the village of Brigadoon and spend the day there. As their day unfolds they find out that this village appears out of the mists only one day in every century. At the end of this day it will disappear for another hundred years.

There is a wedding happening this day so the men are exposed to a bigger slice of the life of these people than they might have on another day. They discover the charms of the village life and one of the men falls in love. The film is a wonderful musical with songs and dancing – Gene Kelly and Cyd Charisse star. Each of the men decide at the end whether this experience will alter their lives or not.

I have thought of the story throughout life as I sense life that lives just beyond the realm of our senses. It appears to us now and again, only when we happen into it, not ever by planning or on our schedule.

A much-loved friend of mine mentioned that she wanted to visit me this summer so I suggested that she come this weekend as there was a wedding taking place between two people dear to all of us on the mountain. I thought if my friend came for this event she might see a bigger slice of life of the people on this mountain. and possibly the magic would appear to her. One can never expect, schedule or plan for this to happen. It appears or it doesn’t.

It did. She has been talking about it all day, mentioning how she feels altered, in another realm. Brigadoon does exist. It appears on its own schedule and the rest is a matter of whether we recognize it or not, have the experience, and allow ourselves to be altered by it. It is about heart.


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