Kokopelli is a Native American name given to the trickster god which I have been writing about on the last two posts. My dog’s name is Coco, his middle name is Pelli. Now Kokopelli has done his biggest trick. He disappeared Coco Pelli. I am doing a retreat for some friends in Hendersonville, NC, and as we sat outside with afternoon snacks and wine, Coco was there one minute and gone the next. Not a sound. We searched until dark. I slept outside on the spot from which he disappeared in case he might find his way back. He is a Mama’s boy who never normally wanders more than a few yards, or sometimes even just a few inches from where I am. I just spent my first night without him in 13 years and don’t know where he is, if he’s freezing, hurt, scared, lost or dead. Please pray. What does Kokopelli want with me I wonder?

One Response to “Kokopelli”

  1. ljcollins Says:

    Oh no! Praying for Coco and for you.

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