Trickster Still Tricking Me

I wrote about the Trickster archetype in yesterday’s post, as I had gotten a strong jolt reminding me of how and why it strikes. Little did I know how it was just getting started. I got up in the middle of the night to write that piece. I’m committed to writing every day and suddently realized I had forgotten. so I stumbled to my computer half conscious. What should I write? Only then did it occur to me to name it as the trickster that had REALLY messed with my head just as I was sending out my new website. So I wrote about it. I woke up this morning and opened my computer to find what I had written. A wholly unedited rambling piece, repeating myself every other sentence, really sleep walking kind of talking. I quickly edited it and hoped that I hadn’t totally confused whoever might had tried to read it already.

That was trickstery again already. Shortly thereafter it started to get weirder. After a few conversations with friends and on the internet I began to realize that the letter I thought I had sent to everyone on my mailing list finally introducing, after a year of work, my new site never arrived anywhere. Just as I was close to pushing “send” I had gotten a call from nowhere that had messed with my head profoundly and took a few hours to sort out. But afterward I sent the letter, the site said it had been sent, and I thought “Ok, I got messed with, but I got ‘er done.”  But it never happened. 

If I hadn’t gotten up in the middle of the night last night and written about the trickster this might just seem like a glitch, no big deal. But the trickster is like a presence now, wanting attention, demanding respect and thoughtful consideration. The new moon and the stars out there in the brilliant night sky are working together with it, all seeming to say, “Whatever you think you know, whoever you think you are, whatever seems real to you, fuggetaboutit. You’ve been tricked.”



3 Responses to “Trickster Still Tricking Me”

  1. pietervanwinkle Says:

    FYI I never got any notice about your new website.. I only got the mistake email and then another saying I had been added to your mailing list.

  2. pietervanwinkle Says:

    Also, I think this is pretty cool… for people to find you, all they need to do is google “Tayria.” You are the first several hits… Pretty cool that you’re the only Tayria out there.. certainly the only one in my world 😉

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