Some People Like It and Some Don’t

One of my “big” dreams, as Jung called them, a lifetime dream, occurred 20-some years ago. In it a woman came up to me with great respect and said, “Divine Mother told me you have the blue thunder in the heart.” She seemed to know what that meant and be in awe of it. I laughed, in a kind of exhausted way, and said, “Well, some people like it and some don’t.” The dream has always been there to help me realize that no matter who we are, no matter what we do or try to do, life asks us to tolerate the fact that some people like who we are and what we do and some don’t. We cannot be effective in the world in any real way unless we learn to accept that. Pleasing everyone, not upsetting anyone, isn’t possible unless you work hard to become compliant and spineless.

I watched President Obama sign the Health Care Reform Bill today. I think it moved even the stones and plants in my house to see the sense of joy and victory in the countenances of those in that room who had achieved what so many generations had tried to do and failed. I was holding my breath for them all – thinking how good it is for them to just have their moment to breathe it all in and to celebrate. The backlash is shaping furiously even as they stood there. Some people like it and some don’t. Nothing of significance can be attained without walking through that fire with patience, persistence and wisdom. All blessings to every one of us in the days ahead.

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