Caring for Health and the Split Personality

I started a cleanse yesterday. No coffee, meat, dairy, sugar, alcohol or animal product of any kind for 3 weeks – that’s the plan. I am a woman of habit so this will be challenging, but I know it is the right thing to do to detoxify my body. It’s spring cleaning for the organs, the blood, the brain, all the parts.

Last night the part of me that usually wins the argument when I attempt something like this, who has a thousand reasons why this is not a good time, the one who thinks life is difficult enough without depriving yourself, started her contentions. She can be so domineering. I saw the part of me that wants this cleanse and wants to learn better habits start to shrink, like the child who doesn’t know how to stand up for herself when someone wants the toy she’s got. The fair mediator and Mom in me stepped up to say to the contentious one that she has had her turn, now it is this other one’s turn.She’ll get her toys back later.  That seemed to settle it! I was amazed. It worked like a charm again today. The kids are taking turns.

I didn’t realize until I was watching the vote for the Health Care Reform Bill last night that yesterday was a really good day to start this cleanse, like my own health care reform; and I can offer it as a fast in gratitude too. I’m sorry for the people who are so upset about this bill, but I have a daughter who is uninsurable because of Type I diabetes and she needs insurance to stay alive. It makes me ache too much for the people who have to have expensive medicine and can’t afford insurance.

We are seeing in this drama that the nation has a split personality too – a lot of contentiousness going on. I hope we find a way to play together better.

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