Held in the Mind of the Universe

Today I have been tempted to feel those lost and lonely feelings that the uncertainties of life can stir up. What am I doing? Where is this going? How will it work? Why haven’t I been able to… yadda, yadda, yadda.  Intriguingly today, as if there were a tail attached to the thought itself, another little one has come right behind it that saying to be calm, the Universe has something in mind about all of this. There is a pattern in this chaos, an intelligence; I’m thought of by whatever designs it all. It has been very comforting. I often have to struggle to brush myself off when I’m down and push thinking into a positive direction, but today hasn’t been like that. I worried because my Mom hasn’t been feeling well, but then a little vision seemed to show her in a matrix of the Great Mind, gently held and clearly thought about. I’m concerned for one of my daughters who is grappling with big issues. My heart started to get all stirred up with worry, then a stabilizing feeling flowed in and stilled my heart. A dear friend has just had a scary diagnosis and I’ve been worried. He wrote telling me of a dream he had last night that says to me that the universe is on it, powerful forces are called in. I always loved the words attributed to Jesus in the New Testament that say not even a sparrow falls to the ground without our Father in heaven knowing about it. I felt the truth of this today and I’m grateful.

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