Casting Stones

I’m writing in the heat of an emotional moment. I just watched Tiger Woods give a statement that he obviously worked very hard on. I wondered how this guy was ever going to walk around in public again. Who of us could have that kind of courage if our darkest secrets were so publicly revealed? Is there any one of us who doesn’t feel shame about something? Can anyone imagine anything much harder to do than what he just did? The commentators on CNN did not wait 60 seconds to let the impact of what he tried to accomplish settle before they started ripping him apart. It’s very painful to see. To me the judgment is a worse crime than the crime itself. It is kicking someone hard who has taken a very bad fall just as that person is trying to stand up again. It hurts to watch. I turned it off.

There are many things I feel to say right now, but then I think on the brevity in Jesus’ words, “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.” We are public, riotous stone throwers. I’m so sorry for ever stone throwing. That’s probably all I can say right now without wading in too deep. I’m feeling so sad.


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