Sophia Rising

Listening to the news last night (I am not one of those that I wrote about yesterday who are giving it up) and hearing that Washington D.C. is paralyzed by the snow, New York City is almost as bad, an earthquake happened in Chicago of all places, there still aren’t enough help or resources coming into Haiti, houses and cars have been flowing down the mountains in Los Angeles, all of this while I’m having to cancel work and appointments because of the weather, and I can’t get to Knoxville easily any more because the mountain fell down across Interstate 40 — I’m thinking Mother Nature really must want to send a message about Who is in charge! Our illusions of control are getting a wild and terrifying shake up.

I remember my spiritual teacher saying that every time she saw those little oil pumps across the landscapes of our country they looked like little mosquitos to her, pumping the blood right out of the earth. She said the earth has oil in it because it needs the oil between the plates to keep her pliable. We humans apparently think we can pull the oil out of earth’s body endlessly without consequences; without the earth shivering and quaking under oceans and continents? I really do believe in the basic goodness of our species, but not always the basic smartness. Hopefully we are learning before it is too late.

Jung wrote about his encounter with the unconscious in his book Answer to Job. Just before things got really rough between Yahweh and Job, Sophia had arrived on the scene – the deep feminine principle of wisdom. At the time of reading this, I remember realizing that it was just about the time that I finally, in mid-life, somehow got ahold of my own feminine voice and power that had been suppressed in a patriarchal culture and religion all hell broke loose in my life. It seemed like her presence on the scene just shook everything down in demoliton-like fashion. I thought she was so lovely, and wise, and kind, and great – and she is – but she definitely shakes up any idea of control over our internal or external lives.

So last night as I was listening to all of this disaster happening everywhere I could see a vision of Sophia, or the deep feminine wisdom and power of Earth, rising up from the depths, waking everybody up. She is not subtle, but nor does she mean harm or vengeance. She is Nature, and if you’re not working with her you’re not getting it right; and if you’re not getting it right, it isn’t going to work. It’s amazing that we’ve gotten by with it so long. I don’t think we’re going to get by with it much longer though. Consciousness has to shift back toward doing and being in harmony with her ways.

If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nooooobody happy. That’s just the way of it.

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