In the last few days I have heard from three different people, all from different places, that they are in the process of deciding to cut way back on watching the news, or of eliminating it altogether. In each case these are very extraordinarily well-informed, thoughtful, concerned, pro-active citizens. When I heard it from the first friend, I felt surprised and moved to hear her say this. I knew it came from a deep place, and is not a decision she would make without a lot of consideration. A few days later, I heard the same thing from another friend, and had the same response to her choice as well as to the coincidence. Today I heard it for the third time. Something is going on.

In my Dialogue training we worked from the theory that everything we need to know is already inside of us. Vivekananda said similarly, “The infinite library of the universe is inside your mind.” In thinking about these three people the first thing I know about them is that they are not trying to escape, quite the opposite. I’m starting to feel excited for them because I know that this is big, and that they will still be listening to what is going on in the world actively, but with different ears and a different antenna. They will  know what is going on in the world because that is who they are, but they will know from a different place and in a different way. The discord between who they are on the inside and what they are feeling bombarded with on the outside will hopefully subside so that they can think again, as the true citizens that they are. I’m can’t speak for the thoughts or motivations of these friends. I am remarking on my own fascinating and admiration; and on my sense that something is going on.

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