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Standing for One Minute in Wind

January 27, 2012

There has been a wind storm going on outside for hours, utterly compelling. I have been aware of it while I tended to the many things of the evening inside. But when the time came, after midnight, to finally walk outside and be with the wind and only the wind – everything else in life, everything of any nature, felt worth it. One minute in wind absolves it all.

Brother Wind

March 12, 2010

Brother Wind is rattling the bones of my house big time, howling and haunting. Something in my own little brain has some vertigo today so I feel blown about on the inside too. We really are just one field, human and nature, I notice; what is going on inside noticeably similar to what is going outside – very, very often. Brother Wind just gave me a metaphor for use in the essay I am writing too. I wish I could mention it here, but the journal won’t accept articles that have any bits of them published elsewhere, so I won’t risk it. I want to thank my Brother for the idea though, because it really illuminated something for me.